Belleza Venus Mesh Body updated

Belleza have just released an updated version of the Venus Fitted Mesh Body!
There have been many updates to the Belleza Venus mesh body. Here are some of the highlights:

UPDATE V 0.01:
– Fix to the neck
– Weight paint Improvements
– Tattoo/underwear & clothing mesh layer fixes
– Underwear layer added for feet
– Body modeling modifications
– Rigging adjustments for better flexibility
– Modifications for better fit with SLink attachments
– Additional mesh SLink body version with FEET ONLY option
– Omega Script additions for use and addition of custom materials (bump and spec)

Future Planned Updates:
– Alternate Body Types
– Adjustments to Alpha Tab on HUD

**Developer Kits are now available. If you are a creator and are interested in making compatible items for the Venus body Belleza now have developer kits available in the store. Belleza had an overwhelming request for the kits, and felt the best way to distribute them would be to make them available in store for creators to easily pick up at their leisure.
As Belleza make future updates to Venus, you will receive them in this same manner. If you miss an update you can always visit the Belleza store and receive a redelivery from our information board that will contain the most recent update of the product.
This update is being automatically sent to everyone who has previously purchased the Venus Body. However if you do not receive the update you can visit the store and click “Redelivery” on the Information board. This will deliver the most recent version of the body to you!


NX-Nardcotix La Nuza Stiletto Black (Belleza)

Magika [Hair] Tonight

Body & Makeup 

Belleza– Venus Fit Mesh Body Upadated
Belleza– Yasmin SK 6 Dk Skin
Belleza– Yasmin SK Blush
-Belleza- Yasmin SK Gloss 6
Pose & Props
~Virtual Props~ Cover Me V7 Single Pose W/Prop

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